Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drainage Fail

I found this on and just had to link it...this one had me gasping. There's no sound, so don't adjust your volume.

That poor guy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Prayer for the World

This was initially part of the previous post, then I decided it needed its own entry.

These last couple weeks, my pastor has been preaching on Matthew 24 and what Jesus has to say about His return. If you haven't read that chapter, read it. Then read it again. And again. And again. Sound familiar? These things are happening to us now, today.

False Christs are multiplying like rats. Nations (Russia) rising against nations (Georgia). Famine and earthquakes are all around. Jesus tells us not to be alarmed about these things, that these things must happen before He is to return. When I look around at the world and what I see happening, I can only believe that He will be coming again soon. No one knows the day or the hour, only our Father in Heaven knows that. We can only prepare ourselves, to warn others that it's not too late to accept Jesus, to pray for those who need prayer.

Lord, I pray for anyone and everyone who reads this, that their eyes may be open, that their curiousity will peak, that they will read Your Word and come to know the Truth, that You are the Way and the Light and that You are coming again soon. I pray that they will come to know You before it is too late.

I pray for my friends Bob and Colleen. I don't know what trials they're going through right now, but You do, and I know that their faith in You will keep them strong, will keep them going, until they come through victorious in the end. And they will be victorious because they belong to You.

I pray for my pastor's mother, that her health will strengthen, that she will be healthy and can leave the hospital. I know she is struggling with the loss of her husband, but I also know that she and the rest of the family take comfort in knowing he is home with You.

I pray for Steve. He hasn't said exactly what, but I know he's going through something very difficult, and I know he is turing to You for strength. Please give him the strength and love he needs to overcome this difficulty and see him through to the end of this. Strengthen his faith and guide him in what he should do.

I pray for Pastor Joe and his wife, that they will safely conclude their travels (if they haven't already). His words touched my heart last Sunday and when he prayed over me, he prayed over the core of my need. I thank You for him and all the wonderful work he is doing in Africa. I pray that he will continue his mission here on Earth and bring many, many more people into Your kingdom, until his work here is done.

Finally, I pray for myself. I pray that my faith will continue to grow day by day, that I will continue to draw closer to You, so on that glorious day, I will be taken up with other believers to the safety of Your throne. Until that day comes, I pray for the strength to endure the trials I am going through and the ones to come. You have never failed to give me what I need when I need, and I know You will continue to care for me until the end.

In the precious name of Your beloved son, Jesus, I pray these things. Amen.

What is going on????

I realize that having a politician finally admit what we all know is newsworthy, but is it more important than the ethnic cleansing going on in Georgia? BTW, Edwards, denying the child before DNA results come in is not a good move, because when you have to have another press conference to admit it's yours, you're going to look even more ridiculous. Also, claiming that it's a private matter when the entire world had to hear about your wife's breast cancer? Where exactly is that line drawn?