Friday, September 28, 2007

You know what I love about Bloggers?

The referrals they give to other bloggers. I've found wonderful blogs (not all are listed on the right, just the ones I'm compelled to check daily) through bloggers referring other bloggers.

Just this morning, I found Bob's Blogscript through A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver who I found through (I think) Nautical Dawn, who I found through both Unix Jedi and Grouchy Old Cripple. Or maybe I found AD through Nothing is Sound who I know I found through Nautical Dawn.

Can't wait to see where Bob is going to lead me next!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

No More Half-Day Fridays

Meant to post this yesterday, but got busy with my writing and didn't get a chance.

One of the things I love about my job is the half-day Fridays. Before I joined the company, P-Boss* was courting** his girlfriend in P-burg*** and would leave at noon on Fridays to spend the weekends with her. He decided it wasn't fair that he left early and everyone else had to work, so he make it the rule. Fast forward about four years, they're now married, and half-day Fridays continued...until yesterday.

It was always understood that if something came up and we needed to stay, we would, and we have. But most often, once the clock struck noon on Friday, we were gone. Lately, work has picked up to the point that P-Boss and D-Boss* usually stayed all day on Fridays, and sometimes even the T-Boss* would stick around.

So yesterday, when I went to tell P-Boss that I was leaving, he said, "It's that time? Very well, have a good weekend." Then after a moment--I could tell he was about to say something else, so I waited--he said, "This will be the last week for that, I'm afraid."

"Oh?" I said.

"Yes. Starting next week, we're going to full day Fridays."

"Okay." What else could I say???

TL**** and I had had a little discussion a couple weeks ago and we had a feeling that Fridays were going to change. There was one Friday afternoon where apparently the phone rang quite often, but since TL and I weren't there to answer it, and D-Boss is too far away from my desk to hear it ring, D-Boss was rather upset. TL figured she and I were going to start alternating full-day Fridays.

After I left, I called TL because she was out of the office and broke the news to her. She took it like I did...since we were both expecting a change, it wasn't a great surprise. Just kind of a bummer. It was nice having Friday afternoons off. I always went to lunch, relaxed, read a book or worked on my writing, then ran errands if I had any, then went home. Alas, no more.

Hmm...I have a doctor's appointment next month that I scheduled for Friday afternoon, and after the appointment I was going to head down to H-Burg*** for my church's annual Women's Retreat. Guess now I'll have to ask for that afternoon off.

*Vague, I know...but I don't want to use their names. I'm kinda paranoid that way.
**Old fashioned term, I know, but you gotta know P-Boss to know that term is spot-on.
***Vague again, I know, but if you know where I am, you can figure this out.
****She's not a boss, so I'll use her initials.
(Thanks, Snark, for the idea*)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Musings on a Quiet Day

Not much happened today at work, so I got to thinking (never a good thing)...

* Flipping through the post-Emmy Fashion reviews on AIM Today, I came across two women dressed in matching blue outfits. I looked at the blonde on the right and wondered who she was--she looked familiar but I couldn't place her--but thought she looked great in her dress. And isn't it nice she brought her mother with her to the Emmy's? Oh wait...if that's Portia diRossi...that must be Ellen DeGeneres! Oh dear...there's a lot to be said for having the right camera angles, isn't there? And I thought the days of Hollywood couples wearing matching outfits was over.

* Kathy Griffin - I watched her show "My Life on the D-List" a few times and I've seen a few of her performances. I like her comedy because she tells these great stories rather than just one-liners or stale jokes. I think her language is too coarse, but I let it go because I like her stories. She comes from a Cathoic background but isn't religious herself--I learned that from her show. Sometimes I wonder if her lifestyle is the way it is because she's running as hard as she can from her background. Whatever the reason, there was absolutely no call for her to say what she did about our Lord and Savior. If she wants to show herself as a woman against religion, she couldn't have found a better way.

I used to root for Kathy...rather than fade away into obscurity as most celebs do when they're into their fourteenth minute, she rallied back and began to rebuild herself. She turned lemons into lemonade, she turned negatives into positives...whatever cliche you like, she was rebuidling herself. When she won her Emmy, I was happy for her...until I learned of her comments.

Personally, I thank my Lord and Savior for two things; one, that the broadcasters had the common, decent sense to censor her comments (though of course, we all know what those comments were thanks to the internet), and two, I know where my remote control's "OFF" button is. I won't be watching her show anymore. I hope she continues to make a success out of her life because everyone deserves the best, but she will do it with one less fan.

* Britney, honey, I have a little bit of advice for you--not that you're likely to hear it thanks to the voices in your head--but the best thing you can do to rebuild your image at this point would be to take your boys and "go to ground". Of course, that might be difficult seeing as you might be losing custody. You need to disappear off the papparazzi radar for a while. Come up for air when you absolutely have to, then go back to your cave. Take care of yourself and your boys. Be their mother. Be good to yourself. And get some serious, serious counseling. Don't release an album, don't make a movie (please!), don't make an appearance unless it is a carefully orchestrated one. Then, after a year or two, launch your comeback as an ADULT, not as an aged teen. Show the world you can be mature and that your respect yourself. I think you'll be surprised at the response you'll get.

*Lindsey, see above, minus the kids and custody stuff. You, unlike Britney, have true talent, especially for acting. I don't know what they're teaching you at rehab, but take it to heart. Take yourself seriously. Yes, it's fun to party, but you only get this one life. Don't ruin it. Don't wake up ten years from now regretting that you lost out on opportunities because you were too drunk or stoned. I would love to see you come back strong, mature, and ready to show the world that you take yourself seriously.

*Okay, just saw another pic of Ellen and Portia on MSN. This camera angle was much better. Much.

*And finally, Idiots in the News

Nebraska Democratic State Senator Ernie Chambers has decided to go straight to the top in an effort to stop natural disasters from befalling the world. Chambers filed a lawsuit against God in Douglas County Court Friday afternoon, KPTM Fox 42 reported.,2933,297121,00.html

I'd hate to have to be the process server...only one way to serve those papers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What do you remember?

People in the past few generations like to ask, "Where were you when President Kennedy was shot?" Me, I was about five years away from being born. But six years ago, a horrible event allows me to answer the newer question, "Where were you on 9/11? What's your memory?"

I remember waking up that morning at 5 a.m. and getting ready to go to work. I walked out of the house at about 5:40. It was still dark outside, with just the barest hint of light on the eastern horizon. The air was crisp, and I remember looking up at the sky, seeing how clear and cloudless it was, with its blanket of stars. I found Orion, which has always been my habit when looking at the stars, and I thought of my father who taught me how to find Orion. He'd been gone for more than 12 years at that point, but I still carry that memory. I climbed into my car thinking, "Today is going to be a good day."

Three hours later I'm staring at my computer screen, realizing just how wrong I was, as I read the earliest bulletins on what happened in New York. An hour or so later, many of us gathered in our boss's office, watching the television, hearing the horrors of what was going on in the city. I remember looking out his couldn't see the Pentagon from his office because of the distance, but you could see the Washington Monument, so you knew which direction to look. That day, you didn't need the Monument to know where the Pentagon was. Your eyes just looked for the plume of black smoke.

Rumors began circulating about bomb threats at Dulles airport, which scared my friend Summer, because her son's day care was very close to the airport. Then we all sat and watched in silence as the Towers fell.

Our office building wasn't in any danger, yet management knew no work would be done this day, so word was spread that we were closing for the day. As soon as I heard that, I was out the door in two minutes. I called my mother as I drove home, letting her know I was okay. Although she knew that none of us (my sisters and I) were in any real danger, she just wanted to hear from us herself...and I just needed to hear her as well.

I made it home and my roommate and I spent the rest of the day, glued to the television, except for the time or two we went outside to watch bombers streak by overhead. Overhead in that beautiful cloudless sky that had once hearalded a beautiful day.

That's my memory...and may I never forget.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm stunned...

As I mentioned in my profile, I've lived in Virginia for just about three-quarters of my life. I moved from Northern Virginia to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in April 2005 and moved back to Virginia August 2006. Myrtle Beach was nice, but, like the title says, I'm a Virginia Girl and I just wanted to come home, so I did.

Today, I spoke to a friend of mine who lives in MB and he told me to check out So I did, and at first, he didn't say anything, like "scroll to the bottom" or "click on this link." He just waited for me to find it. After a second or two, I did...HB Spokes was burned in a fire early this morning! I couldn't believe it! There's nothing left except for the concrete.

My house is in a neighborhood just a few miles west of Spokes and I drove by that place almost twice a day the entire time I lived there. I'm not exactly the biker-bar type, but I did go to a concert there once. During the May biker rally, they have police controlling traffic in front of Spokes almost 24 hours a day and it's almost as bad, though not quite as much, during the Fall rally. I know Spokes opened only about five years ago, but in my mind, it's a fixture to the Myrtle Beach area, and to a lot of bikers, it's one of the places to go when in MB. I'm just absoluely stunned that the place has been destroyed. The investigation's just begun, so they're not saying yet if it's an accident or arson or what. I'll definitely be following this story.

The owner says he'll rebuild, and plans to be open for a New Year's Eve party. Knowing what I do about the construction industry down there, I will be quite surprised if he lives up to that promise. I think, barring any problems, he should be able to reopen by next May's rally.

Here's a link to the story:

I'll be going to MB the first week of next month. If I can, I'll stop by and take pictures.

Blog Transfer (last one!), 9-07-2007

Just checked...

Since my picture was posted this morning, three have kidding! Can I call 'em or what?

Blog Transfer, 9-7-2007

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate wireless internet connections? I absolutely despise them, and every time I lose a connection when I'm in the middle of doing something important, my hatred grows. I'm on wireless now (like you didn't guess) so I have reason to hate them. Case in point: I just finished typing a new entry. Normally I start typing them here, then copy and paste whatever I've typed Word, then finish it there. See, I start off thinking it'll be a quick entry and fifteen minutes later, I'm still typing. So I move it to Word in case of a bad connection or I time out or something. Once finished, I paste them here and post. If something goes wrong in transmission, no prob, just repaste.

I didn't do that today. I started here, and twenty minutes or so later, I was finished. I clicked Preview and Post and it didn't work. My post was gone, just like that.

So after being mad at the foibles of wireless for about ten minutes, I decided to try again. Let's see, how did that go again…………

Inspiration for a title for my book hasn't struck yet. A few hums, but no strike just yet. I got a few suggestions from my instructor and it's a little scary how we were both thinking along the same lines. Kris is an artist, and I was thinking of a title along her art genre (just saved to a Word file…w/my luck, the power's going to zzzpppp). When I got my instructor's notes back last week, she had suggested a few that incorporated Kris's art genre. That was a little spooky! I actually thought of a fabulous title, but I'd have to rework my story to make it fit the title, and Kris isn't going that way, so I have to come up with something different.

As if I wasn't busy enough with work, writing class, Sunday school, a special gift I'm making for my nephew and his bride—it'll either be a Christmas or anniversary gift…depends on how long it'll take to finish it—pursuing my badges and just general "life" things, I go and do something to take away what little free time I have. Labor Day weekend was "Free Communication Weekend" on and guess who signed up? Yep, yours truly.

Don't ask me why I did it. I'm still not sure myself. I thought about it during their last "Free Communication Weekend" which I think was Memorial Day (save again), but didn't do it then. When I saw the commercial this past Thursday, I thought about it, and next thing I knew, Saturday morning, I was signing up. I was just going to do the free thing, I wasn't going to get a membership or anything like that. I think you can guess what happened on Tuesday when "Free Communication" was over…yeah, I got a membership. Just three months, though. It's not as cheap as the six month or one year, but I just wasn't comfortable committing myself for that long. Three months should be long enough for me to decide whether I want to continue with it or not.

The questions weren't bad at all. There were pretty interesting, and they made you think about yourself. And yes, I was completely honest with my answers. After all, this isn't a game, this is real life, and if you don't answer honestly, you'll wind up with…well, what you don't want. Oh—Oh, gotta tell you…I had actually filled out their free questionnaire a few years ago and I remember it took forever! I thought the questions would never end. But now, they've completely revamped the questionnaire and it went by pretty fast, maybe fifteen minutes or so…so that's my commercial for them so far ("It no longer takes hours for us to learn everything about you!"). If you tried it years ago and the questions took too long, try again, it's much quicker now.

(Alt-File-Save-continue typing). I have about twenty matches or so, with five of them already closed because "I'm too far away." Not complaining, because I thought THEY were too far away! And I'm communicating with three or four, with the remainder "in the wings" waiting for their chance. The communication process is interesting. You get to send your match a few questions chosen from a pre-written list. You then wait for them to answer and ask their questions. And back and forth a few times. That's how far I've gotten to date…it gets deeper further on, but I'm not at that stage yet. I'm going to print out their responses so I can keep them straight.

And of course, they want you to post a picture. Oh, what joy I had trying to take a decent picture of myself. I don't have any of me (well, except for one taken two years ago in Northern Ireland and I was not quite close enough to the camera to make it worth posting). Like a lot of women, I don't think I photograph very well. When my picture is taken, I always think, "I don't know who that woman is…that is not the face I see in my mirror…who is that?" And the pictures I took of myself with my little digital? One word: "yeeccchh". Now, if my arms were about four feet long, maybe then I could take a decent picture of myself. But if my arms were four feet long, I doubt even eHarmony could help me with finding a date!

I told my friend Jenny about signing up—so far, she's the only one I've told, besides whomever is reading this, of course—and told her that I wasn't sure it was a smart idea. She asked me how long it had been since I've been on a date. I told her "Before Tom." She said, "You're ready." I laughed, which probably wasn't the best reaction because I was a work. Nothing like laughing when there's nobody around to be laughing at—eh, it was lunch time, and they don't mind if I'm on the internet during my lunch break. Anyway, before you ask, Tom is my former roomie/good friend who lived with me for, oh, a very, very, very, very long time. We went to dinner and did things, but they could never be called "dates" because there was no romance between us. We were just friends. Still are, actually.

Okay, I got off track a little. So I fiddled with my camera for a while and finally figured out how the timer works and behold and lo, a pretty decent picture. (Click on the icon, watch the paperclip dance…saved again!) I cropped it and cleaned up the background a little—I promise, I did nothing to change how I looked in the pic. Let's face it, if I enhance the picture and then they see the real me, they'll know I was lying and I'm just not going to do that. So we'll see how that helps my matches. With my luck, they're all going to close and I'll never meet anyone! Ha! Can I get a refund if that happens?

Okay, okay, enough with the jokes. Seriously, I posted the picture last night. We'll see how my matches react.

So that's all that's new since I last posted. Wish me luck on the thing. And the writing thing. Oh, and the badge thing (three personal challenges this week, and I'm down to the last few to complete my 2005 album, so they're the toughest ones…good choosing on my part, eh?).

Til' later…(save often!)

P.S. Here's something weird…I just got another match from, and it's the fifth person named David…what's up with that?

Blog Transfer, 8-18-2007

What a wonderful start to my Saturday ... I've been reading my writing homework and chapter fact, I was re-reading one of the homework chapters while I watched Stacy London's Fashion Fanatic...before I went to bed. I had a strange dream about writing a book about shoes and my pen was the heel of a stiletto and--never mind, it was a dream. Anyway, when I woke up, I had the opening few lines of my first chapter in my mind. So I powered up the computer, opened up Word and started typing. Not that much, just about eight lines or so. It's the opening dialogue between my protagonist and a friend of hers, and then I break the dialogue to describe the setting. So I typed it in, re-read it, made one or two adjustments, re-read it, and said, "yeah, that's pretty good." I start to save the file and zzzzzzpppppp! Power went out. It came right back on, but that doesn't matter. The damage was done. Couldn't it have waited, like, three more seconds? No, apparently not. And Word's autosave feature...well, the program wasn't open long enough for it to have done its thing. So I powered back on and started typing. I think I've already forgotten something because it's not quite the same, but it's close enough to the first that I'm not going to sweat it. But still...three seconds was all I needed!

So now I have to describe the setting, which won't be easy. Describing people and places has always been my weak point, but I'll muster through. The reading assignments and lessons are really good and have helped me out so far, so I'll just keep writing on.

The other thing is, I still haven't titled my work. Not even a boring "working" title, except "Kris" and I'm not going with that. I promised my instructor I'd have at least a working title by the time I submit my fourth assignment. So far, nothing. I'm hoping inspiration will strike.

Well, time for breakfast and my morning comics.

Blog Transfer, 8-4-2007

Well, I finished Assignment 3 and sent it off last week. Now on to Assignment 4...writing the first chapter.
I've been waiting for this one. I've been writing the frame of the first chapter in my head almost since I started this class and now I finally get to do it! I'm going to do it right and by the book (ha-ha) and not go ahead of the lesson book. I have a few chapters in the handbook to read and start reading Assignment 4 then I can get started. I can't wait!

Don't know if I ever mentioned, but I teach Sunday school at my church. I was on a kind of sabbatical from teaching so I could take a class. Well, that class ended and I returned to teaching, and my director goes and send my co-teacher onto sabbatical! So now I go from being a solo teacher of one class to being a co-teacher in another class to being a student to being a co-teacher to being a solo teacher, all in about a three month period. And that reminds me...I gotta prepare for class tomorrow!

Oh, and read my writing handbook.
Oh, and start reading Assignment 4.
Oh, and...never mind...If I keep typing, it'll never get done

Blog Transfer, 7-25-2007

I'm Back! Online, that is. I burned out the power supply on my pc a few days ago...yeah, it's been a nice couple of days being without my computer. I have a PC at work, so I haven't been completely without, but I like to start my mornings reading my comics while I have breakfast. I'm a creature of habit and like to keep to my routine in the mornings and evenings. Because I haven't been able to, I've been a bit irritable and, well, okay, I'll say it...bitchy. I think I was pretty successful disguising it...I think...I was really feeing it this afternoon and it was all I could do not to lash out.

After work today, I headed for a local PC supply store. The only "big" computer retailer in my town is Circuit City...the nearest Best Buy is an hour away. I checked online, and the cheapest power supply that meets my needs was almost $100.00! Ebay was my next pick, but I didn't know if I wanted to wait that long, and I don't quite trust myself to be able to confidently buy one online and have it be exactly what I need. I wanted to buy it in person so I could return it if something was wrong. So I drove down to a local store.

I pulled up in front of the store and looked at the parking meters...and realized I had exactly two pennies in my wallet. I don't know about the meters in your town, but the ones in mine don't take pennies. I thought about risking it, but I know with my luck, the meter maid would be right around the corner just waiting to pounce. I drove about 1/2 a mile down the street and found a 7-11. I got some cash from the ATM and picked up a bottle of water...and waited while this girl (who didn't look old enough to have all the tattoos and piercings and to be buying that pack of cigarettes) pay for them and a soda with a wallet full of change. At least her purse now weighs about two pounds lighter. I paid for my water and drove back to the store. I took the change, walked up to the meter...and read "Enforcement of this meter is between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m." It was 4:40 p.m.
I didn't need any change to park there! Aarrgh!

Well, I was thirsty, so I needed water anyway...but that ticked me off...

Anyway, I went in and bought their last power supply for only $40.00. Perfect. When I got it home, it was pretty easy to swap it out. I'm not a complete computer expert, but I can handle the easy things. I've installed a second hard drive, a wireless internet card, and wiped out the hard drive and reinstalled the operating system, so I'm kind of handy. I had my nephew, who is an expert, take a look at it and make sure I didn't mess anything up. Obviously I didn't since I'm back online!!! I'm so happy, now I can get back to my morning comics and my evening Pogo!

Oh...maybe you're wondering about my writing. My assignment is due to my instructor on Aug 3. That's nine days. It's almost done. I'm drawing up the basic plot outline. Like anything else, it's fluid, things can and will change, but I need to get the basics down. I actually feel like I finished it around the first of this month, but it happened so quickly and easily, I thought for sure something must be wrong with it! So I've gone back to it about every three or four days, and I've added a few lines, but otherwise, it hasn't changed. So I guess I'm actually done...I'm going to wait and do my final edits this weekend and send it out by Monday.
I'm so glad to be back!

Blog Transfer, 6-29-2007

I got Assignment 2 back from my instructor and in general, she was pleased with what I wrote. If our work was graded, I think I got a "B". There was one point in my scene, just a three-line paragraph, where I switched from my protagonist's point of view to my antagonist's, and then back again. That's a no-no. When you're in a scene, pick one point of view and stick with it. Maybe do a little flashback when you're doing a narrative from the antagonist's p-o-v later on if you think it's necessary, but it should be one p-o-v per scene. But the part she had the most negative things to say about were when the protagonist revealed her background to the antagonist. She felt it was illogical for her to reveal so much where I thought it was the right time for her to come clean. Well, let's face it, right now, I have a better view of what I'm trying to write than she does, and I know where I'd put that scene--about two-thirds into the story. But I also understood what my instructor is saying. And besides, that scene might never make it into the final manuscript (but I think it will, in some form or another).

So now it's time to craft my plot. I haven't been able to write much of anything for the past two weeks (wow, has it been that long since I've blogged something?) because I've been trying to figure out what external conflict my protagonist is going to have to face. See, most of my protagonist's conflicts are internal, which is fine, but you can only read just so much of someone's internal arguments before you wish some natural disaster would take place, just to shift focus for a while. An external conflict is necessary because we all have outside influences in our lives--some major, some minor. But I didn't know what hers would be. I've had a few ideas, but I need to make it (1) logical and (2) writable, meaning I have to know what it is I'm writing about to make you, the reader, believe it. I wouldn't have her uncover some major mob racketeering "thing" because what I know about mob racketeering "things" wouldn't fill the back of a business card! I thought about accounting fraud...that idea has merit, because though I'm not an accountant, I took it in college and I still understand the basics, but again, what I know about fraud...well, look at the previous sentence.

So my plot narrative starts out: Kris driving home after picking up some craft supplies, and she's reflecting on how good her life is. She enjoys her work, has good friends and her hobby is starting to get her noticed and she's got the potential to make good money from it. If it really takes off, she may have to drop some of her bookkeeping clients. She knows who would be the first to go, this one client whose business is growing so fast, she almost can't keep up. Her other clients get a half-day, once a week where she's had to go to a full day once a week for this client. By the end of the year he's going to need a dedicated full-time bookkeeper/assistant, and she didn't want to be it.
Nice, I thought. This makes a good beginning, and it sets up a few scenes to take place later in the story. This all came to me today while I was at Arby's having lunch. After lunch, I ran a few errands then went home. I took care of a few things around the house, then sat down to begin working on my plot. I started my letting my thoughts just kind of free-float, seeing what could go where--mostly to dead ends. I need that external conflict. I thought about what my instructor said about Kris revealing too much too soon about her background. I wondered if she thought the scene I wrote about--which to me is only part of a single chapter--applied to the whole story, and I explored that for a while.
Oh, when she returns my assignments, she includes these worksheets with helpful hints and tips on how to work on the assignments. The one I got when she sent back Assignment 2 suggested that I re-read one of my favorite books and try to adapt some of the mechanisms from that story for mine. I thought about one story I read recently that I really liked. That protagonist's external and internal conflicts were easily defined. I thought about her external conflict, how it was revealed and slowly built...then I thought about my little opening scene...and that little mustard seed of an idea grew and grew and grew! And now I have my external conflict!!!

You all have noooo idea how happy I am to finally, FINALLY, have the outside conflict that I was looking for. Now, this doesn't mean I'm going to be able to write my plot summary tonight. I just finally have my external conflict and I have a good idea where this is all going to go. I still have to shape it all and fill in some gaps and some of those gaps are Grand Canyon sized! I have to submit it by the end of July, so that gives me a month.

Oh, and did I office is going to start moving to our new location...the new place is officially ours on July 1 and we have to be out of our current place by Aug 14. That's a six-week overlap but you'd be surprised how fast six weeks can go. So while I try to write, I have to coordinate an office move. Talk about internal and external conflicts!!!!!

Blog Transfer, 6-15-2007

Still have to work on my plot. The textbook says there are usually two sources of conflict in a protagonists life, internal and external. The internal part is easy. External is going to take some work. I have one or two ideas, but they're going to need some research and I need to find something that I can really work with. She's a bookkeeper, so I'm thinking of some kind of accounting fraud. I'm going to work on that this weekend. Of course, I may come up with something completely unexpected while doing my research. We'll see what happens! I think that's part of the joy of writing, just seeing where your mind will take you.

Blog Transfer, 6-5-2007

Wo-hoo! I finished my writing assignment! Exactly 1,055 words.

Okay, maybe I'm not really finished. The second half is still a bit rough. I used more dialog in the second half than in the first half, so I think I need to edit it just a little bit, but it's not a complete scene. I'm kind of leaving it with a cliff hanger, so there's more that would follow, so maybe it'll all balance out in the end. But I'm so glad I'm almost done! I'm going to let it sit overnight, then look at it again tomorrow evening. If I can't think of anything to add or take away, I'm going to send it in.

What a relief. Part of the reason I was under the gun to finish this was because I took so long to read the study material for Assignment 2. If I hadn't taken so long doing that, I would have had more time to work on the "homework". But I've learned my lesson. As soon as this goes into the mail, I'll start the study material for Assignment 3. I'm going to aim to have the studying done by the end of the month.

I know, I know, that's more than three weeks, but there are a lot of little exercises in the material and they take some time to complete. Plus, some of the exercises lead to ideas and they need to be explored or at least noted so they won't be forgotten. And of course, lets not forget about all the little curve balls this thing called "life" tends to throw at us.

So...short entry for now, but it's getting late and I need to get to bed. Who know how deep the stack of work is that I'm going to find on my desk in the morning??? That's the other boss has really kept me busy this past week, otherwise I would have had time to work on the assignment while at the office.
Ah, but that's's almost done!!!

Blog Transfer, 5-31-2007

My writing assignment is due in eight days and it's only half written! There are two ways this scene could go and the easy way is not the way I want it to go, but I guess since this just needs to be "a" scene, not an actual scene for my story, I can go the easy way. I'll likely revise it when it goes into my story.

One of the things I enjoy about writing is putting people I know into my stories. My protagonist, Kris, is a bookkeeper. Well, so is my mom. Now, Kris does books for several businesses while Mom only does for one, but the stories she tells me about the travel agent she works for could fill a book all by themselves. I'm already thinking about ways to put her--the travel agent--into my book in a way that she won't be insulted by. I know she won't read this her, "MySpace" is the space she's currently occupying in her home, but there's a chance that if my story is ever published, she might read it, so I have to be nice to her.

I'll give you an example. The agent--I'll call her Alice May--is the local authorized representative for Sandals resorts. When she books a couple or a group for a Sandals vacation, one of the gifts she gives the women is a pair of sandal earrings...the look like flip-flops. I'm sure you know the type. A well-knows jewelery boutique carried them and she'd go and buy a whole bunch when her supply ran low. Well, that botique closed it's local store and now she's all in a panic because she doesn't know what to do. Mom tells her, "just check online. I'm sure you can find some places online where you can buy them." Alice May's response? "Really? You can buy them online?" The resulting sound was the sound of my mother's head hitting the desk. "Yes! You can shop online and find just about anything you can think of!" "Oh, but I wouldn't know where to look." Head hits desk again. "Just type it into a search engine, Alice May." "Where do I find one of those?" No, Mom didn't come home with a concussion, but she did have a bit of a headache when she finally did get home.

Mom's determined to drag Alice May into the 21st Century. I think she'll be lucky to get her into the mid-late 90's before Alice May retires from the business in the next year or so. She's not a stupid woman by any want to know about travel, she's the woman to go to. Anything else, though, she's easily lost. I won't go into the discussion I had with her regarding the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express and why Outlook Express wouldn't let her do the things she wanted to do. I almost gave myself a concussion that day.
Okay, enough procrastinating...time to write the rest of the scene. Wish me luck!

Blog Transfer, 5-26-2007

So my current writing assignment is to write one scene from my story. My instructor wants me to pick an emotional scene, told from the point of view of my protagonist, and limit it to about 1000 words. Okay, I thought. I have two scenes that I can choose from, and each one can go in one of two different directions, so that's four that I can choose from. So I outlined the four scenes and where each one could potentially go, and chose the one I wanted to work. As I was writing it, however, a whole brand new scene came to mind and that's actually the one I'm working on.
My problem? I have absolutely no experience in this area and I don't know what to do!

I know what you're thinking..."We don't know what your story's about so how can anyone reading this possibly help you??" Okay, here's a summary (I promised one once, didn't I?):

My protagonist, "Kris" ran away from home. Well, she was in her mid-twenties so legally, she's not a runaway. She left her family and moved across the country to start her own life and never told her family she was going. To them, she's a missing person. She could be dead, she could be the prisoner of some deranged maniac, she could have amnesia and be wandering around some city get the picture.

Anyway, here we are, four years after the deed, and one of her neighbor's teenaged children has run away. She naturally goes to over to offer support, help in the search, whatever she can do. The teen is found after about two hours and is returned home. The teen's dad reacts like I think a dad would react...first he's angry that she would scare them, then relief that she's safe. Kris returns to her home and has to deal with her own feelings of guilt over what she did to her family.

That's what I really need help with. I had a pretty normal childhood and never really seriously thought about running away from home (okay, once, but I only got as far as the bus stop on the corner, I had no money, no idea where the bus was going and no idea where I wanted to go, so I turned around and went home). I need to figure out what emotions, what turmoil, what angst Kris would go through in the aftermath of this situation. I've never been there myself, so I have no experience to draw from.

If anyone reading this (is anyone reading this??) has any thoughts or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Oh, and I have to send it in in two weeks....yeah, no pressure

Blog Transfer, 5-14-2007

Right now, what I want to write about most writing! I recently started a writing course that is aimed at completing a novel or at least the first few chapters and prepare to submit the work for publication. This is a really big step for me because writing is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. When I was invited to take part in this course, I jumped at it because finally I have the motivation to really explore where one of the many ideas in my head wants to go.

I submitted my first assignment last month and then about two weeks after I submitted it, I discovered that I completely messed it up! The first assignment was supposed to be an introductory letter and two or three short--maybe a page long--story ideas with titles. I sent in maybe two paragraphs for each idea, with no titles and I'm supposed to send in two copies of each assignment and I only sent one. I could have gone on for pages about my ideas, but only managed to squeeze out a couple paragraphs each.

I felt so bad, I wanted to call my instructor right away, but the only way I have to reach her is through snail mail. I should be hearing from her some time this week...hopefully she'll be gentle with me. I did finally send a short letter to her on Saturday, apologizing for messing up. Now that I did that, I can almost guarantee to get my assignment back tomorrow.

You want to know what my story is about? I'm going to have to tell you another time...

Welcome all!

Hi! I found my way to through another blog I regularly read and decided to start--or rather, move my blog here. I'm currently blogging on MySpace, but I decided I don't want to stay there, mainly because I'm only interested in blogging, not all the other stuff that goes on there. It just makes sense to move my blog to a blog site. So here I am!

Okay, that's enough for an initial post. I'm going to transfer my old posts, and then see if I can figure out a few of this sites features.