Friday, September 26, 2008

Decision Made!

The Presidental Debate between McCain and Obama is only 50 minutes old and Obama has made up my mind for me...

Obama just doesn't seem to get it...You cannot be the leader of America and be popular with the world! It's going to take someone who is willing to be unpopular. Power brings out the worst in people, but if the powerful person shows he is willing to fight, and backs up what he ways with serious action, you will be taken seriously. Obama doesn't have be unpopular.

McCain gets it...and he gets my vote.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This just creeps me out!

stolen from
"Bill Clinton Says He Understands Palin's Appeal"

NEW YORK — Former President Bill Clinton said Monday he understands why Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is popular in the American heartland: because people relate to her.

“I come from Arkansas, I get why she’s hot out there, why she’s doing well,” said Clinton, who supports the Democratic ticket headed by Barack Obama.

Speaking to reporters before his Clinton Global Initiative meeting, the former president described Palin’s appeal by adding, “People look at her, and they say, ‘All those kids. Something that happens in everybody’s family. I’m glad she loves her daughter and she’s not ashamed of her. Glad that girl’s going around with her boyfriend. Glad they’re going to get married.”‘

Clinton said voters would think, “I like that little Down syndrome kid. One of them lives down the street. They’re wonderful children. They’re wonderful people. And I like the idea that this guy does those long-distance races. Stayed in the race for 500 miles with a broken arm. My kind of guy.”

Palin, the governor of Alaska, became an overnight star when Republican presidential candidate John McCain tapped her for his running mate. Her family, including her Down syndrome baby, Trig, her pregnant 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, and her husband, Todd, four-time winner of the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race, have garnered intense media interest.

“I get this,” Clinton said. “My view is … why say, ever, anything bad about a person? Why don’t we like them and celebrate them and be happy for her elevation to the ticket? And just say that she was a good choice for him and we disagree with them?”

Nice little speech by Clinton, though I don't trust much that comes out of Slick Willie's mouth...but given his background, couldn't he have consulted his thesaurus ahd come up with a better adjective than "hot"???

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Number One

Do you know what song was Number One the day you were born?

Click here to find out.

Mine? ">To Sir With Love by Lulu.

When I think of this song, I remember a dance routine I saw on television was, I believe, the farewell tour of champion Ballroom dancers Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin dancing the most beautiful, most sensual rumba I've ever seen.

What's yours?

Found it here.

New Ticker

I found one of these on another blog and had resisted adding it to mine, but doggoneit, I'm actually losing weight and I want to chart it. I'm not following any special diet right now. I've just eliminated sweets as much as possible and I'm leaving those last few bites on my plate. That's all, and I've lost eight pounds in four weeks. I want to get out and start walking, but it's still too warm here and I'm not going to risk my health. I still can't believe it's working! My initial goal had been to lose 20 pounds before I go to my writer's convention at the end of October and if I keep on this pace, I'll pass that goal with no problem. Wish me luck!