Thursday, February 28, 2008

Still new to this "blogging" thing

Here's a big clue as to how new I still am to blogging...

The son of one of my cousins, Nick, attends Northeastern University in Boston. Earlier this week, a story appeared in the Boston news that Nick had disappeared...

And I'm blogging about it now, rather than when I first heard about it!

Nick disappeared after a Super Bowl party. Nothing was missing from his apartment except his laptop computer, cell phone and charger. He hadn't been heard from in weeks.

Link to article

But the story has a happy ending. Today, the papers report that he's been Paris, France.

Way to go, Nick! If you're gonna screw up and drive everyone crazy, do it right!

Link to article

From what relatives tell me, there's always been a bit of a clash between Nick and his dad because their personalities are so alike. Nick's older brother dropped out of school to go to work, so I guess Nick had to one-up him by dropping out, not telling Mom and Dad that he dropped out, and running off to Paris! From what I hear, he actually was working over there and all I can say to that is, "Nick, if you want to take a year off from school to work in Paris, that sounds lovely...but tell your Mom and Dad! Don't just drop out and disappear and not tell anybody!"

Anyway, he's safe and he finally got in touch with his family. He'll be coming home within the next day or so. But stay tuned...just because he's coming home doesn't mean he's going to stay home.

Can't wait to see what Nick's younger brother does to one-up Nick...on second thought, yeah, I can wait.

Family...gotta love 'em!

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