Friday, October 14, 2011

The Countdown Has Begun!

T-3 days and counting!

Yesterday, I was able to log into my classroom for the first time and print out the syllabus and have a look around.  I wouldn't say I'm the most tech-savvy person on the planet, but I can usually figure out what I'm doing and this on-line setup doesn't look too bad.  Over the weekend, I'll be working on the WSRO--Walden Student Readiness Orientation so when class starts Monday, I should be ready to go.

Can I make a confession?

I'm a wee bit nervous.  What on earth am I doing?!

Do I really have it in me to devote the next 96 weeks (yes, I did the math) to school plus work?  Yes, I did it before--I worked on my Associates degree while working full time in an office, but I was a good 20 years younger and I actually physically went to a school.  This is all on-line.  When I'm physically accountable to someone, I most always come through.  This is different...yes, there is accountability, but it's different and I'm not sure how it's going to go.  My optimist side, which, admittedly, is bigger than my pessimist side, says I can do it, but there's still that voice from the pessimist asking if I've really got what it takes.  I believe I do, so I guess only time will tell.

I have plenty of people cheering me family and friends and co-workers, so I guess I'm accountable to them as well.  Their encouragement will do a lot to keep me going.  I really have only two problems. One is funding.  I'm looking into scholarships, but I'm also resigning myself to the fact that I'll need to get student loans.  The entire cost of my education is estimated around $25,000 (that's the BA & the Teaching Certification).  Not exactly chump change but not as bad as the loans some people are taking out to finance their education.  I'd hate to tell you the amount my sister had to take out to get her BA & MA.

My other problem is the cat.  Meet Willow.

That's my Kaplan Scholarships book she's laying on.  She also likes to lay on my laptop and/or the exact spot I need to put my keyboard so I can type.  Right now, in fact, she's laying on my laptop so I have my wireless keyboard is in my lap so I can type this.  When I started spreading out my papers to organize my SRO syllabus and checklist, she had to sit right in the middle of them.  She's going to be a problem.  Well, we'll work it out.  It may mean doing the bulk of my homework from the dining room table, but at least it'll get done.

Okay, enough bellyaching.  I need to get to the gym, the store, have lunch, then a little SRO before going to work.  Enjoy your day!

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