Friday, December 21, 2007

Are you ready yet?

For Christmas, that is?

My shopping is done (yay!) but I've only wrapped one present, because it had to be sent to my nephew in Montana. Everything else is stashed away in my super-secret hiding place. It's mostly gift cards, so don't get too excited. I'm being a little clever this year with the cards. It's always so obvious when you give a gift that it's a gift card. Like years ago when you gave someone an album, it was obvious that it was an album because of it's shape. Same with cassettes and CDs. This year, I collected several small boxes from work. I'll shred old wrapping paper and use it as filler, and put the card in the box and wrap that. Since I always give gift cards to my niece and nephews, they'll know what they're getting, but just for that moment of time, they'll think they got something else.

I started my baking last night. Meant to do it last weekend, but time kinda got away from me. Plus I was trying desperately to finish my writing assignment...due today and put in the mail yesterday. Thank goodness! Now I can enjoy the madness of the holiday without worrying about my writing. Oh, and I still have about a dozen Christmas cards to get out...hopefully they'll be in the mail today. So they may get to some people the day after's the thought, right?

A few days ago, on the 18th, my step-niece gave birth to a little girl, Sophia Marie. I get to call my sister Grandma now! Well, just once in a while to tease her, and technically, she's step-grandma. But it's not all great news...Sophia was born about five weeks too soon and she's in NICU at the hospital. She has a good birth weight for a premie, just over five pounds, but as of right now, she's not eating or breathing on her own. Her mom still hasn't been able to hold her yet. The doctors expect her to improve over the next week and upgrade her status and she should be able to go home on her expected due date, which is in late January. I've prayed over Sophia, and have asked a couple prayer chains I know of to pray for her as well.

And I just found out this morning that one of my favorite bloggers, Bob, is in the hospital, recovering from a heart attack. I know what his family is going through and I have sent prayers for his do the same, okay?

If I don't post before then, have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

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