Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sorry I Haven't Written...

but I've been saving the bulk of my writing for NaNo.

How am I doing, you ask? Well, cast your eyes to the right and look at that pretty number! As of right now, 33,916! That's a good two days ahead of the average, which is 30,006.

It helps that work has been a bit slow these past couple days, so to look busy, I've been writing. No one's called me on it yet, so I'm just going to keep going. I may--not only achieve 50,000 words--but I may also finish my story! Oh, this would be so awesome. Last year I hit 50,000 words, but didn't finish the story. It was pretty lousy anyway so I was glad to abandon it once I hit the goal. This year, I'm just gonna keep going until I finish, even if it take me half-way into December. I am going to finish my story!

Wish me luck, my many legions of fans!

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