Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick update

Things have progressed a bit health-wise, but not necessarily for the better. I thought the Axid would take care of my problem (well, make that "hoped" it would take care of my problems), but the flush-thing came back last Wednesday. Not quite bad enough to go to the hospital again, but it had me worried. I spent the night sleeping in the recliner because I was afraid to lie flat on the bed. I felt fine by morning, and the next couple days were symptom free. But because the symptoms did come back, my doctor scheduled me for a Cardiolite stress test.

Have you ever had a stress test? Not fun. Not horrible, but not fun. Toward the end of the treadmill portion of the test (which had my calves screaming...I began to wonder if I should have warmed up first, but they didn't make me, so I guess not), they injected me with the Cardiolite, which is a radioactive material...that night, I was my own nightlight! Seriously, though, they then took pictures of my chest. I went back on Monday for the second portion, which was Cardiolite only (no treadmill). They'll look at the pictures and, fingers crossed, they'll be able to tell me what's wrong with me. I'll keep you all posted.

I had another flare-up today and I'm pretty exhausted. I was fighting the pain all day and now I just need to sleep. G'nite all.

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