Sunday, November 18, 2007

NaNo, Day 18

Haven't posted or updated my word count in a couple days because it's just been that kind of weekend. I did get some writing in and have made it over the half-way point! I realized that I hadn't really established my MFC's profession, just jumped right in to where MFC & MMC meet and went from there. Her profession is a very important part of my story and it had to be worked in, so I wrote that today. There's still more to be written before they meet. Hopefully tomorrow will be a slow day at work and I can get some of it done then.

I love the writing process. Imagine my shock when my MFC revealed that her parents had three other children prior to adopting her (yes, I knew she was adopted). The brothers and sister were a bit of a shock as I didn't plan on them. She was supposed to be an only child. On the one hand, this could complicate matters. On the other, it'll give me some more to write about. I wonder what it will be like when the oldest brother meets the MMC for the first time...

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