Thursday, January 8, 2009


So how's it going? Broken all your New Year's resolutions yet? Some of them? Well, so far, not me. I am a little behind in my Jan WriMo--should have 8000 words and only have 5453, but I'll make it up over the weekend.

I love it when the muse and I go for a ride. I just wrote about 700 words in half an hour and this scene is fabulous! Everything just flowed right off my fingertips and onto the screen. It doesn't even need to be edited, it's that good. The sad thing is, I don't know if this scene will make it into the final manuscript. It's part of my FMC's backstory and, though it's important, I just don't know if it'll make it. I hope I said, it's good.

On the weight front, we'll see on Saturday. I only weigh myself once a week, so that's why you're not seeing daily updates.

I start a Bible Study later in the month on the book of Phillipians. I'm going to make sure I read through the book at least once, preferably twice, before that class starts.

I notice I'm having an easier time at work, and I believe it's because my attitude hat is finally on straight. Of course, I'm still looking at job postings, so we'll see what's what there. The Sunday paper's supposed to have a huge job section--it does every January--so we'll see what it holds.

And I'm posting! Sounds to me like I'm keeping all my resolutions. How about you?


keepbreathing said...

Well, I've had a couple of nights of total debauchery and a couple of nights of relative sanity. So my resolution, one way or another, is right on track.

I like your writing. I'll be following you...not in a creepy-stalker-OMG-call-the-cops way, but in a hey-I-read-your-internet way.

Vis a vis jobs, you could be an RT. It's pretty easy for the most part.

Peri1020 said...

Had a stalker once but he didn't last long...he got scared when I confronted him and never heard from him again. The kind of stalking you mean doesn't bother me at all. And hey-I-read-your-internet too.

You have to go to school to be an RT, right? Unfortunately not in my budget right now. But something worth keeping in mind...thanks!