Friday, January 30, 2009

My Nephew, the War Veteran...

...will be landing on US soil tomorrow around noon. And I'm going to go see him!

Mom, Mike's two younger brothers, hopefully his older brother and his wife, one of his other aunts and I will all be going to the airport (not together...the logistics of that are insane) to spend a couple hours with him while he's on layover before the final leg of his journey home! I'm so thrilled that he's finally almost home.

I know Mom is over the moon that she finally gets to see him again, to know that he's safe. He called her probably once every two weeks or so while he was over there, so he's kept in constant touch and to let her know that he was all right. He never saw any combat (that I'm aware of). His assignment mostly kept him on base, though he did hear plenty of shots fired and mortar rounds going off. But now he's almost home!

Tomorrow, I have to get fresh batteries for my camera. Can't have it dying tomorrow and having to pay those outrageous airport prices. I'll be taking plenty of pictures of my war veteran nephew. Hopefully he won't mind posing too much.

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