Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog Transfer, 8-18-2007

What a wonderful start to my Saturday ... I've been reading my writing homework and chapter fact, I was re-reading one of the homework chapters while I watched Stacy London's Fashion Fanatic...before I went to bed. I had a strange dream about writing a book about shoes and my pen was the heel of a stiletto and--never mind, it was a dream. Anyway, when I woke up, I had the opening few lines of my first chapter in my mind. So I powered up the computer, opened up Word and started typing. Not that much, just about eight lines or so. It's the opening dialogue between my protagonist and a friend of hers, and then I break the dialogue to describe the setting. So I typed it in, re-read it, made one or two adjustments, re-read it, and said, "yeah, that's pretty good." I start to save the file and zzzzzzpppppp! Power went out. It came right back on, but that doesn't matter. The damage was done. Couldn't it have waited, like, three more seconds? No, apparently not. And Word's autosave feature...well, the program wasn't open long enough for it to have done its thing. So I powered back on and started typing. I think I've already forgotten something because it's not quite the same, but it's close enough to the first that I'm not going to sweat it. But still...three seconds was all I needed!

So now I have to describe the setting, which won't be easy. Describing people and places has always been my weak point, but I'll muster through. The reading assignments and lessons are really good and have helped me out so far, so I'll just keep writing on.

The other thing is, I still haven't titled my work. Not even a boring "working" title, except "Kris" and I'm not going with that. I promised my instructor I'd have at least a working title by the time I submit my fourth assignment. So far, nothing. I'm hoping inspiration will strike.

Well, time for breakfast and my morning comics.

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