Saturday, September 22, 2007

No More Half-Day Fridays

Meant to post this yesterday, but got busy with my writing and didn't get a chance.

One of the things I love about my job is the half-day Fridays. Before I joined the company, P-Boss* was courting** his girlfriend in P-burg*** and would leave at noon on Fridays to spend the weekends with her. He decided it wasn't fair that he left early and everyone else had to work, so he make it the rule. Fast forward about four years, they're now married, and half-day Fridays continued...until yesterday.

It was always understood that if something came up and we needed to stay, we would, and we have. But most often, once the clock struck noon on Friday, we were gone. Lately, work has picked up to the point that P-Boss and D-Boss* usually stayed all day on Fridays, and sometimes even the T-Boss* would stick around.

So yesterday, when I went to tell P-Boss that I was leaving, he said, "It's that time? Very well, have a good weekend." Then after a moment--I could tell he was about to say something else, so I waited--he said, "This will be the last week for that, I'm afraid."

"Oh?" I said.

"Yes. Starting next week, we're going to full day Fridays."

"Okay." What else could I say???

TL**** and I had had a little discussion a couple weeks ago and we had a feeling that Fridays were going to change. There was one Friday afternoon where apparently the phone rang quite often, but since TL and I weren't there to answer it, and D-Boss is too far away from my desk to hear it ring, D-Boss was rather upset. TL figured she and I were going to start alternating full-day Fridays.

After I left, I called TL because she was out of the office and broke the news to her. She took it like I did...since we were both expecting a change, it wasn't a great surprise. Just kind of a bummer. It was nice having Friday afternoons off. I always went to lunch, relaxed, read a book or worked on my writing, then ran errands if I had any, then went home. Alas, no more.

Hmm...I have a doctor's appointment next month that I scheduled for Friday afternoon, and after the appointment I was going to head down to H-Burg*** for my church's annual Women's Retreat. Guess now I'll have to ask for that afternoon off.

*Vague, I know...but I don't want to use their names. I'm kinda paranoid that way.
**Old fashioned term, I know, but you gotta know P-Boss to know that term is spot-on.
***Vague again, I know, but if you know where I am, you can figure this out.
****She's not a boss, so I'll use her initials.
(Thanks, Snark, for the idea*)

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