Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog Transfer, 5-31-2007

My writing assignment is due in eight days and it's only half written! There are two ways this scene could go and the easy way is not the way I want it to go, but I guess since this just needs to be "a" scene, not an actual scene for my story, I can go the easy way. I'll likely revise it when it goes into my story.

One of the things I enjoy about writing is putting people I know into my stories. My protagonist, Kris, is a bookkeeper. Well, so is my mom. Now, Kris does books for several businesses while Mom only does for one, but the stories she tells me about the travel agent she works for could fill a book all by themselves. I'm already thinking about ways to put her--the travel agent--into my book in a way that she won't be insulted by. I know she won't read this her, "MySpace" is the space she's currently occupying in her home, but there's a chance that if my story is ever published, she might read it, so I have to be nice to her.

I'll give you an example. The agent--I'll call her Alice May--is the local authorized representative for Sandals resorts. When she books a couple or a group for a Sandals vacation, one of the gifts she gives the women is a pair of sandal earrings...the look like flip-flops. I'm sure you know the type. A well-knows jewelery boutique carried them and she'd go and buy a whole bunch when her supply ran low. Well, that botique closed it's local store and now she's all in a panic because she doesn't know what to do. Mom tells her, "just check online. I'm sure you can find some places online where you can buy them." Alice May's response? "Really? You can buy them online?" The resulting sound was the sound of my mother's head hitting the desk. "Yes! You can shop online and find just about anything you can think of!" "Oh, but I wouldn't know where to look." Head hits desk again. "Just type it into a search engine, Alice May." "Where do I find one of those?" No, Mom didn't come home with a concussion, but she did have a bit of a headache when she finally did get home.

Mom's determined to drag Alice May into the 21st Century. I think she'll be lucky to get her into the mid-late 90's before Alice May retires from the business in the next year or so. She's not a stupid woman by any want to know about travel, she's the woman to go to. Anything else, though, she's easily lost. I won't go into the discussion I had with her regarding the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express and why Outlook Express wouldn't let her do the things she wanted to do. I almost gave myself a concussion that day.
Okay, enough procrastinating...time to write the rest of the scene. Wish me luck!

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